Saltillo Parsonage Project

The Dolores Hernandez family - pictured above - are pastoring the Saltillo Bible Methodist Church and he is the conference president. Dolores and Sylvia have 6 children ranging in age from 5-14 years. At this time all 6 children sleep in one small bedroom. The only other room the family has is a living room/bedroom where Dolores and Sylvia sleep and a detached kitchen at the back of the church property.

The Saltillo church has raised some money for this project, but they need quite a bit more to finish the job. Pastor Dolores, Missionary Stetler and a few of the church men are doing all of the construction. They are not paying anyone for labor.

Any financial help would be deeply appreciated and all the money will go directly for construction material.

Steve and Beth Stetler
News Update - Thanks for Giving! Because of your gifts, this project is progressing!
  • to the Covington GA Bible Methodist Church for their generous gift of $1500 toward this project!
  • to an individual in the Easley SC Bible Methodist Church for contributing to this project!
  • to a precious couple in the Cooperstown, PA Evangelistic Tabernacle for their contribution!
  • to a church in Shreveport, LA for their contribution of $600!
  • to a donor in the Danville OH Bible Methodist Church

About $1280 is needed to complete this project. Please help us pray that God would supply this need.

- The Sankeys

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